Make money with Pay Per Call Affiliate Networks

Pay per call affiliate networks are somewhat of a hot subject recently. It is not surprise as we can see in the data from Google. It is no secret that 70% of mobile search results for a business end up being called, which is why Google has introduce the Call Only ad format. You can read more here.

What is interesting also is of course how companies can monetize these calls. This is where pay per call marketing comes in, and where you need work one of the world class pay per call affiliate networks.

Based on what we understand about pay per call, is that it is a way to allow advertisers (or in other words businesses which are looking to buy calls or call leads) to pay only for qualified calls whenever a truly interested customer calls in. 

If you have certain questions about pay per call you can read this pay per call blog where it answers 11 burning questions about your pay per call affiliate initiatives. It’s a GREAT start and a very easy read, we highly recommend it!

In other words, definitely do sign up at Callbox, they are a phenomenal company and a great pay per call affiliate network 

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